Chop Bloc

Chop Bloc is an exceptional Steak and Burger restaurant with cocktail bar located in an 18th century former brewers building. Caterware was inspired to provide bespoke solutions for Chop Bloc's requirments.

caterware chop bloc

Caterware met with the client on multiple occasions, armed with architectural designs. The aim was to maintain the eighteenth century feel of the building while creating a fantastic looking, functional restaurant.

Caterware’s design was somewhat hampered by the space limitations of the kitchen and a lot of effort was put into finding the best equipment for the task.

caterware chop bloc

A dumb waiter was added to the design as this was a crucial part of aiding communicating between the floors and getting food and crockery to their designated places in an efficient manner.

The main feature of the kitchen is a state of the art barbeque oven and the size of this needed to be taken into account when drawing up the rest of the design.

caterware chop bloc

Chop Block opened its doors in January and has become exceedingly popular with people traveling for miles to experience the fantastic cooking and astounding features that are present in this historic building. Alongside consultant and chef John Benson-Smith, this revolutionary restaurant is a culmination of passion and practice that promises an exceptional dining experience.